Smart² Project Unveils SRI Outlook 2023: A Comprehensive Report on Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) Policy Developments, National Implementation, and Research Advances

Smart² Project is pleased to announce the release of the SRI Outlook 2023, a groundbreaking report that provides a detailed overview of Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) policy developments at the EU level, national implementation progress, and the latest advancements in the field of building smartness. This report, covering developments throughout 2023, serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders in the building and energy sectors, policymakers, researchers, and anyone interested in the future of smart and sustainable buildings.

The SRI Outlook is a critical initiative by Smart² Project, aimed at promoting transparency and knowledge dissemination in the realm of building smartness. This year’s report is the first in a series of releases, ensuring that the latest information on SRI and related initiatives is readily accessible. For ongoing updates, the online SRI Observatory, which will be launched during the Policy Conference of the REHVA Brussels Summit on 14 November, is the go-to interactive and user-friendly resource.

Key Highlights of SRI Outlook 2023
  • European Policy Landscape
The report begins by offering an insightful overview of the status of the SRI at the European level, as indicated by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and related acts. Readers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the policy framework that underpins the SRI and how it aligns with broader European energy and sustainability goals.
  • National Implementation Progress
Smart²’s SRI Outlook 2023 provides a thorough analysis of the national implementation status across European countries. This section is a valuable resource for policymakers and industry professionals seeking to understand how individual nations are progressing in adopting and integrating the SRI into their building regulations and practices.
  • Advances in Building Smartness Research
A future looking aspect of the report is the exploration of research developments in the field of building smartness. Smart Square’s experts have compiled the latest findings from EU-funded projects and other scientific research endeavors, shedding light on emerging technologies, innovative approaches, and trends shaping the future of smart buildings.

Prof. Paris Fokaides, Scientific & Technical Manager for Smart², commented on the release of SRI Outlook 2023, saying, “We are thrilled to bring you this comprehensive report that consolidates critical information on the Smart Readiness Indicator and the broader landscape of building smartness. The SRI is at the forefront of efforts to create sustainable, efficient, and intelligent buildings in Europe. With the SRI Outlook, we aim to equip stakeholders with the knowledge needed to drive progress in this crucial area.”

The SRI Outlook 2023 is a testament to Smart²’s commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and informed decision-making in the building and energy sectors. By offering a holistic view of SRI policy developments, national adoption, and cutting-edge research, the report empowers stakeholders to take meaningful steps toward a smarter and more sustainable built environment.

You may find the Press Release HERE