Hotel Group Porto Karras

  • Demonstrator: Hotel Group Porto Karras
  • City: Chalkidiki, Greece
  • Type: Hotel Group
  • Responsible Partner: IsZEB

Brief description

Porto Carras is one of Greece’s largest and most famous hotels and holiday resorts. Initially designed under Walter Gropius, the famous founder of Bauhaus School, it is located in Sithonia peninsula, 120 km away from Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-biggest city. Porto Carras Hotel Group includes two major hotels, the 5-star Meliton and the 4-star Sithonia, as well as the bungalow-style hotels Marina Village and Kalyva Mare. There are also 45,000 olive trees; basketball, football, tennis, and golf sports areas as well as a vineyard covering an area of 475,000 m². It also contains restaurants, spa, interior and beach bars and a cinema theatre. Porto Carras has hosted many important events, including the Thessaloniki European Union Summit in 2003. In Smart Square project, the inclusion of Porto Carras Hotel Group as one of the demonstrator sites will provide valuable information regarding the assessment of the SRI and the relation with the EPC scheme in a multipurpose building complex.

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